Introducing the Harpenden Skin Clinic…

Wrinkle Reduction

Botox injections act as a highly effective wrinkle reduction treatment, by temporarily preventing the nerve from sending its signal to the muscle. The muscle has reduced movement and unable to fully move the overlying skin, which prevents creasing from occurring when we smile, frown or laugh.

We tend to focus on the five most commonly effected facial areas, including the forehead, the glabella (lines in between the eyebrows), crow’s feet & marionette lines (extending from the outer corners of the lower lip, downwards), and bunny lines (wrinkles at the top of the nose).

Lip Enhancement

Everyone knows that full, luscious lips can enhance your appearance like no other feature, instantly rejuvenating your face! Our lip plumping filler and contouring treatments, allow you to create a subtle but stunning look by enhancing the natural appearance of your lips….

Our lip enhancement treatments use hyaluronic-acid-based products to generate or restore lip fullness and definition, including the volume of the cupid’s bow and the definition of the vermilion border.